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In fairness, what warm-blooded South African doesn't. It's the perfect reason to get some friends together, old and new, share a few drinks, and let the hours waste away (in the best possible way). Maybe our favourite part of a braai (other than the meat) is that after the first spark is struck, they take on a life of their own. Are you going to be there for 2 hours or 7? Are you going to discuss politics or potjiekos? Are people going to eat and leave, or hang around indefinitely? The unpredictability and promise are infectious.

The 'movie night' was part of prize which also included, you guessed it, a braai. A Frankie's Burgers braai to be exact. And once the first patty hit the grid on our trusty Primus Kuchoma it was all over.

A few weeks ago we had a great braai. So great in fact, that it overtook the whole reason for our gathering. You might recall we briefly mentioned a movie night in our last newsletter - we felt it warranted further elaboration.

Once the stump game commenced, any hope that may have remained for a movie screening vanished. And we wouldn't have had it any other way.

Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate that little Primus. Yes, it's gas, get over it because it's also excellent. We love a wood-fuelled braai as much as the next person, but we also love our store, and open flames don't tend to mix well with merch. Anyway, as we were saying , that Primus. It's almost a "see it to believe it" scenario. So small, so powerful. We have yet to find a better portable braai solution that gets the job down as well as it does.

Back to the braai, and the 'movie night' that wasn't. Soon after things kicked off we started spotting the telltale signs of a good night in the making. Continual, raucaus laughter. Glasses clinking. Back pats. The writing was on the wall - no movie would be watched this night, good times were imminent.

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